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Crystal Beads Nautical Anchor Bracelet

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Is your style of nautical aesthetic? Or do you have a sentimental flair for all things navigational and exploratory?

This item and it's related collection may just tickle your fancy.

A unique find and keepsake - each makes it's own statement.

The Crystal Beads Nautical Anchor Bracelet

Adorns your wrist like no other piece of jewelry. This piece is handmade and makes a statement of style. A unique item that says "different" and "Stylish."

About this item:

It's handmade in Dublin, Ireland, with Irish craftsmanship. Top-quality materials that withstand the test of time, can be worn a long time and guaranteed to get heads turning!

The color white makes a stunning effect to an everyday look for both man and woman. It's a stately bracelet and can be worn with anything. A handmade bracelet that looks retro and classic.

There is no need to worry about saltwater, sun's heat, or weather conditions - these will not affect the high-quality marine ropes. This maritime bracelet is carefully hand-packed and classified as a perfect bracelet gift.