About Us


Do you love spoiling yourself to special moments? So do we! That is why we spend ours finding those special items and accessories that can compliment yours.

Enjoy "window shopping" through our special selection of novelty products that are ready to ship to you at the convenient click of a button.

ExpressmeYolo’s Mission

Life is too short not to spoil yourself and others, and you only live once! As lovers of coffee, novelty and all things nice that spice up our every day experiences, we bring you products from many "windows" that sell quality items while offering friendly service. What better way to express yourself than to "express" an item that makes you or a loved one smile?


Why Choose ExpressmeYolo? 

Well, when you shop with us, you'll see items related to passions and moods,  interesting accessories and many colourful hues. We try to find those interesting items that spark "expressions" of excitement from your inner you...for your loved one's, yourself and yes, your inner child too. Whatever tickles your fancy, at ExpressmeYolo, every day is a "me-day" and any reason is a good enough one to spoil yourself or a loved one at this store with a difference. We are focused on finding unique products that you won’t find at your local store, and on growing the ambits of our niches as we surf the world wide web of windows to bring you more.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our current niche of expressme novelties.

From silly special mugs to weird and wonderful spoons to funky funny and flattering wearables, and sparklies too, we got you covered! Here, it is all about you. 

ExpressmeYolo is your escape from a hard day's work or the troubles that draw you down. It is your invitation to express in the moments that make you happy or lifts your frown. Because Yolo is a good enough reason in itself, and besides, you deserve it!


Thank you for taking interest in us. We trust you will enjoy your ExpressmeYolo experience.