Say it S.L.O.W.

Say it S.L.O.W.

Ever experienced that it sounds so right in your head, and then when you speak, it's like you cannot understand what happened in transit between your brain to your vocal cords?

Well, you are not the only one! 😊

Say it S.L.O.W. is a tool we developed that was inspired by exactly this conundrum.


This nifty novel tool is a pragmatic simple guide that helps you get your thoughts in shape on that important conversation you need to have.

Better yet, it is dynamic enough to also serve as a meeting message planner, a tough conversation planner, and even just a handy framework to capture the essence of important meetings or conversations had as key notes.

Get your effective conversations on with this handy printable tool.

Say it S.L.O.W. Conversation Planner

With a bit of a guided framework and a snazzy looking page, gone are the days that you find yourself wondering how it happened that it came out of your mouth like that. Lol.

For more exciting tools the like, check out our ZDesignsLZ site on Etsy.

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