F.O.C.U.S. - Your Dreams are Waiting!

F.O.C.U.S. - Your Dreams are Waiting!

Ever feel that you have so many wonderful aspirations, but are completely overwhelmed with the thoughts, to do's, and all the things you can think of that you still need to do to achieve them?

Meet The FOCUS Life Planner - it was designed to solve exactly this problem!

Everyone deserves to have their dreams and aspirations come to realization. But how do you keep inspired and focused to do so?

The "science" behind the FOCUS Life Planner works like this. Baked into it's design, is a right to left thinking approach. Starting with a cast of your eyes to the "blue sky" thinking mode, to discern and define your dreams and aspirations.

Then, it follows the logic of a left to right planning and execution approach.

By casting your eyes down the road now, you are able, with some guidance ofcourse, to translate your aspirations into an achievable Goal Planner with a monthly planner, weekly planner and daily planner, all designed to guide you in unpacking these goals into tangible and manageable actions. Use these undated printable planner pages that you can print as many as you need from and start today to make yours happen?

There is ofcourse the minor (and if you are me, major) matter of inspiration. See, the aesthetic needs to talk to me. That is why the FOCUS Life Planner is available in different color themes of Black and Grey, Pastel Green, Pastel Pink, Coral, Teal, and Black and Grey Neutral, to cater for different preferences.

Gone are the days where dreams and aspirations seem impossible to reach. With a simple guiding framework to help make things happen, how can you go wrong? It is a fantastic tool to help you think, plan and reflect through some critical steps to help you translate you dreams and aspirations into tangible goals and milestones that you can action and achieve.

This is not just any planner. Let's get real. I have been in corporate long enough to know how stuff goes down. This planner – The FOCUS Life Planner – is carefully designed to overcome unactioned longing, combatting the thoughts of being unrealistic, and replacing them with a guided method to make the seemingly unachievable feel possible and in your reach.


Helping you unpack your wildest aspirations into some pragmatic steps by way of a simple page by page guided thought framework, this planner was designed to help me replace that sense of wishful thinking with hopeful thinking, excitement, commitment, motivation, and manifestation. Now you can use it too and let me know how it works for you.

Here is what you can find in this bundle of #lookingforwardto.

A Foresight Page - to jot down all your dreams and aspirations and code them into categories. Limitless in terms of time and what you wish to capture - print as many of this page as you need.

An Opportunities Page - designed to provide a simple framework for breaking up your dreams and aspirations into goals and objectives with estimated timelines by which you plan to achieve them. Print as many as you need to unpack each of your aspirations, or only those you have decided to prioritize.

A Checks and Balances Page - designed to translate each goal into tangible tactics and timelines in order to ensure measurable milestones that will take you closer to achieving your aspirations.

An Unlocking Outcomes Page - designed to help guide reflections over any obstacles or anticipated stumbling blocks that could stand in your way of achieving your objectives. This page provides for thinking in the art of the possible, ideating how you may overcome these to unlock your desired outcomes - turning threats or obstacles into opportunities.

Three Pages are provisioned for Scheduling and Planning. Designed to ensure right to left dreaming and aspiring and left to right planning and execution - a date free monthly planner enables provision of your own monthly planning to ensure you have planned ahead. A weekly planner, also date free, provisions for translating your monthly plans into weekly focused actions to ensure traction toward your objectives. A daily planner is provisioned - designed to ensure you keep momentum and also balance, looking after yourself, ensuring focus for the day, and reflecting on the day's results as you plan into your next day, ensuring you sustain your traction as you knock off those objectives.

A Meeting Minutes Page - designed to help you keep it all together with focused notes and tracking of actions and outcomes of all your important meetings so you can sustain momentum.

A Notes or Doodles Page - designed to have some "blank canvas" space for note taking and brainstorming the art of the possible.

The FOCUS Life Planner is my simple and effective framework designed to make dreams come true. It was designed as an ultimate 9 page guided framework for thinking through aspirations and turning them into reality.


I hope you find it as useful as I do.


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